Mexico Miriam López dankt Amnesty

3. Februar 2014
Nach dem Briefmarathon 2014 zeigte sich Miriam López überwältigt von der weltweiten Unterstützung und sagte im Gesrpäch mit VertreterInnen von Amnesty:

"The letter-writing marathon was very good. I think that the authorities must have felt the pressure. I saw the pictures on my Facebook page and I couldn’t believe that they were really coming from all over the world. It’s good to know that everyone knows about my case. They don’t just know about it, they are helping me with it. Knowing that people are supporting me feels very good.

It’s difficult for me to remember one action in particular, but I do remember the activity in Chile involving bicycles and one of the activities in Mexico City using lights. It was great to know that all this was coming from different countries and in different languages. Now I do think that my case is known worldwide.

It was moving to see so many signatures in my favour. All the comments I saw on the AI Mexico page were very positive, I did not see any negative comments.

My lawyer told me that there are many letters and cards waiting for me at her office. Luckily she will come to see me soon and will give me all those letters. I’m looking forward to that.
Thanks everyone for supporting my cause, for supporting me in my search for justice. Justice is never done 100 per cent, but we are trying anyway. I ask you all to carry on helping me. The authorities do not pay attention when it’s just about one person."