Philanthropy – Engaging with Human Rights

Are you a foundation, fiduciary or philanthropic firm representative or an individual donor looking to en-gage in human rights for a better world? Our team would be pleased to work with you to define a tailored engagement, to make this possible.
Your contacts at Amnesty International
For Geneva and the French-speaking Switzerland

Amnesty International
Section suisse
1, rue de Varembé
1202 Genève

Alexis Krikorian

Head of Foundations
Foundations & Private Persons
T +41 21 310 39 43
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For German-speaking Switzerland

Amnesty International
Section Suisse
Speichergasse 33/Postfach
3001 Bern
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Chantal von Gunten Graf

Senior Partnership Manager
T +41 31 307 22 69
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